Imran H. Khan, Ph.D., MBA

Adjunct Professor
Director of Operations, Proteomics Core Lab
Department of Medical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
UC Davis Medical Center
Research III Building, Room 3354
4645 2nd Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817
Ph: 916-524-9548

Dr. Khan’s research interests include studies on biomarkers for intracellular signaling pathways (cancer related) and infectious diseases. In the last several years he has worked on developing highly efficient, high-throughput multiplex approaches for studying proteomic and genetic biomarkers. His research includes simultaneous analysis of multiple, key components of cell signaling pathways in a single reaction vessel. In addition, he has employed novel approaches to study disease related biomarkers in bodily fluids (e.g., plasma/serum, dried blood spots) by combining the power of multiplexing systems and computational modeling. Results of his research have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Khan earned his Ph.D. at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY where his thesis research was focused on elucidation of molecular mechanisms of intracellular signaling in bacteria. For his postdoctoral research at UC Davis, he studied molecular pathogenesis of AIDS and intracellular signaling in SIV infected T cells in the rhesus macaque model. Subsequent to that he worked on development of retroviral vaccines at Intervet-Akzo Nobel Company for three years. He continued his career in the industry for another year at Onyx Pharmaceuticals where his research was focused on intracellular signaling to define novel drug targets for the development of cancer therapeutics. Dr. Khan re-joined UC Davis in 2001.