Typical report turnaround time is outlined below for each general type of specimen. Turnaround time is measured in working days from the time the report is accessioned to the time a verbal or written report is available. Verbal reports may be available sooner.

  • Biopsies: Two to three working days
  • Large cancer cases: 5 days
  • Routine, non-cancer cases: Three to four working days

Special situations requiring additional time for report completion:

  • Overnight fixation, one day
  • Decalcification, one to two days
  • Resubmission of tissue, one to two days
  • Recut/deeper sections, one to two days
  • Immunohistochemistry or other special stains, one to two days
  • Intra-departmental consultation, one to two days

Note: When a prolonged delay is anticipated, a report with a favored diagnosis will be issued with a comment that a supplementary report will follow with the results of the special studies and resultant final diagnosis.