Rosemary Donaldson Cress, M.P.H., Dr.P.H.

Adjunct Professor




Public Health Sciences-Division of Epidemiology

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Research/Academic Interests

As Principal Investigator of the SEER Cancer Registry of Greater California, Dr. Cress' research interests have been focused on using cancer registry data to identify disparities by race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status in cancer treatment and survival. She has collaborated with UC Davis clinical researchers, particularly those in urologic oncology and gynecologic oncology. She is a member of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center's Population Sciences and Health Disparities Program, teaches cancer epidemiology, and mentors graduate students.



Center/Program Affiliation

UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center

Undergraduate School

B.S., Education, Miami University, Oxford OH 1971

Other School

Dr.P.H., Epidemiology, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans LA 1991

Other School

M.P.H., Epidemiology, Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, New Orleans LA 1983

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