Laurel Alison Beckett, Ph.D.

Professor Emerita, Department of Public Health Sciences




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UC Davis School of Medicine

UC Davis School of Medicine - Medical Sciences 1C

Davis, CA 95616

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Research/Academic Interests

A major theme of Dr. Beckett's research since 1987 has been the public health impact of chronic diseases of aging, especially Alzheimer’s disease (AD). She led statistical efforts for the first population-based estimate of the number of people with AD in the US: 4 million.

As Director of the ADNI Biostatistics Core, Dr. Beckett has also served as external advisor for 3 additional ADC’s and for the AD prevention initiative, the CAMD biomarker initiative, the NINDS Parkinson’s disease biomarker development committee, and the national Autism Biomarker Consortium for Clinical Trials.

Dr. Beckett has a strong interest in Cancer Research. Her collaborations span the field from basic science to clinical trials to care-giving and community-based research. She has directed the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center's Biostatistics Shared Resources since its inception in 2000.

Dr. Beckett's work builds on strong mathematical training and an interest in applying discrete mathematical tools creatively to biomedical research.



Undergraduate School

B.A., Math, Pomona College, Claremont CA 1968

Other School

Ph.D., Statistics, Stanford University, Stanford CA 1972

Other School

M.S., Statistics, Stanford University, Stanford CA 1969

Dean's Team Award for Inclusion Excellence: Research, 2017

Mentor Award from School of Medicine. Outstanding Research by a Trainee, Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine., 2017

Poster won first prize at Cancer Center 17th Annual Cancer Research Symposium., 2013

Poster won First Place. Alzheimer's Research Symposium, UC Berkeley Cal Alumni House.,

Fellow, American Statistical Association., 2004

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