Health Affairs Contracts processes the following types of agreements for UC Davis Health (Hospital, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing):

  • Non-research, income generating consulting and professional services agreements. For School of Medicine Departments, all non-clinical independent contractor agreements should be processed through Campus Contracts
  • UC Davis Health Educational Affiliation agreements
  • Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreements for non-academic employees (UC Davis Health employee working at a federal government site at the federal government's request).
  • Facility use agreements for a period of less than one year in duration and which do not involve modifications to land or property.
  • Data use agreements involving the disclosure of individually identifiable health information for non-research purposes related to UCDH operations.
  • Expert witness agreements.
  • Telemedicine agreements.

Note: The UC Davis Health Purchasing office executes agreements for the equipment and supply purchases for UC Davis Medical Center. Campus Purchasing executes agreements and purchase orders for equipment and supply purchases for School of Medicine/School of Nursing.

In instances where there are competitive bidding requirements, the respective Purchasing Office will manage the bidding process.

Please complete an Agreement Request Form in Compliance 360 (C360). Note that each UCDH department will have designees with access to request c360. If your department's business office is not aware of who has this access, please contact our office on the main line.

To request C360 access, complete the IT Service Request for Compliance (C360) Contracts Module access. Department managers must approve the request.

Proper Request Routing

Please refer to the following agreement types to the designated areas below: