The F Award Writing Workshop is open to all pre- and post-doctoral scholars at UC Davis with priority registration given to Comprehensive Cancer Center Affiliate Scholars and translational researchers.

The workshop meets one day, every other week from 11:30 a.m. — 1 p.m. on Zoom.

Date Topics
Jan 17, 2024 Introduction to Fellowships and Mentor’s Role in F Award Submission
Jan 31, 2024 Internal Documents and Submission Process
Feb 14 and 28, 2024 Biosketch
Mar 13 and 27, 2024 Specific Aims
Apr 10 and 24, 2024 Research Strategy – Significance & Innovation
May 8 and 22, 2024 Research Strategy - Approach
Jun 5 and 19, 2024 Background and Goals for Training and Selection of Sponsor

To apply for the F Award Writing Workshop, scholars are required to submit a letter of support from their mentor and an abstract. The abstract should be no more than one-page and the letter of support must show the mentor’s understanding of the following.

  • The mentor will ensure release time for the mentee to attend workshop (90 minutes on every other week for six months)
  • The mentor will adhere to the feedback schedule and provide feedback on one section of the mentee’s application each month of the workshop
  • The mentor understands that their research may be discussed in the workshop and included in the mentee’s application
  • The mentor will brief their mentee on giving and receiving critical feedback
  • The mentor will write a letter of support for their mentee’s fellowship application


F Award Writing Workshop Application   Deadline is December 15, 2023 for the 2024 workshop.