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Our Office of Grant Development is here to support cancer center members with grant development, writing and submissions.

The mission of the Office of Grant Development at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center is to provide pre-award grant development, writing and submission support to cancer center members. These projects must be cancer focused. We highly encourage team science projects, and projects that are intra-programmatic and have multiple principal investigators.

Our focus is to assist cancer researchers in areas such as:

  • Individual, collaborative and multi-PI grant preparation and development, editing, and review
  • Development and preparation of grant budgets
  • Navigating the online grant submission process and coordinating submission with Sponsored Research
  • Grant applications to all federal, state, and private agencies for any mechanism
  • Reviews of summary statements and guidance for grant resubmissions
  • Identifying funding opportunities, investigator outreach and program announcement interpretation

To better assist you, we recommend requesting assistance:

  • At least four weeks prior to the submission deadline for grant editing
  • At least six weeks before the deadline for grant development and review
  • At least eight weeks before the deadline for a comprehensive grant application including grant and budget development and submission to Sponsored Research
  • At least twelve weeks before the deadline for a multicomponent grant application such as programmatic grants (P series) or consortium grants (U series)

Projects will be on a first come, first served basis. The Cancer Center will not handle grants post award. Post-award management is supported by your home department.

Sonal Desai

Sonal J. Desai, Ph.D.
Grant Writer/
Researcher Facilitator

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