UC Davis’ Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department helps to minimize the trauma and anxiety of hospitalization and strengthen the coping skills of children during their stay while, at the same time, allowing them to continue their typical growth and development.

Child life specialists, along with music and art therapists, provide bedside medical play and preparations for procedures, familiarization with age-appropriate coping strategies, accompaniment during medical interventions, and continued education to families, staff and physicians on age-appropriate behaviors of hospitalized children. In addition, play materials are provided at each child's bedside or at the teen or children's playroom to encourage typical development while hospitalized. A full-time teacher also provides educational services for children with extended hospital stays.

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The UC Davis Children’s Hospital has a dedicated pediatric pharmacy that is solely responsible for dispensing medication to children. The pediatric pharmacy is staffed by highly qualified pediatric-trained pharmacists who ensure that the medications prescribed and dispensed to all pediatric patients are safe, effective, and in a form that is friendly for children.

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UC Davis Children's Hospital offers several local support groups for patients and family members. The groups offer support and information for a variety of pediatric conditions and illnesses.

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Children who become ill or injured as a result of parental abuse or neglect require extraordinary care. To respond to the needs of those children, the UC Davis Children's Hospital has dedicated a specialized facility — the Child and Adolescent Abuse Resources and Evaluation Diagnostic Center (CAARE Center). Medical personnel who staff the CAARE Center work closely with law enforcement, justice department and child protective services agencies to treat and shield children who are under threat or have endured abuse.

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The Northern California Poison Control Center at UC Davis provides parents with a 24-hour hotline for emergency information about potential poisoning. Specially trained pharmacists, registered nurses and physicians certified in medical toxicology are available to respond to questions about poison ingestion; irritation from toxic substances; animal, insect, snake or spider bites, and attempted suicides or drug overdoses.

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Pediatric social-services representatives are available to assist your child or your family in coping with the hospitalization. The social worker also can provide referrals to community resources and special programs designed to meet your child’s needs.

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As part of UC Davis Children’s Hospital, the goal of home care services is to shorten or eliminate hospital stays by providing excellent clinical care for children at home. Home care services supports the family’s role in promoting patient health and well-being through individualized education and on-going support. Home care services a family-centered, supportive program that provides safe medical care for children in the comfortable environment of their own home. Pediatric patients have unique needs that are often better taken care of at home. The program allows patients to stay close to family and friends, and maintain as normal a routine as possible.

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