The Center for Professional Practice of Nursing strives to provide quality education to nurses and allied health professionals at UC Davis Health and throughout the community. A priority for CPPN is the education of health-care providers to prepare them to provide excellent patient care in the midst of advancing technology, increasing acuity, and an ever-changing political climate affecting nursing as a practice.

CPPN is committed to supporting the educational endeavors of all nursing staff and to help in preparing them to advance their specialty practice and in the acquisition of various certifications. This goal not only reflects the premium patient care provided by this facility, but also provides a significant level of professional satisfaction to our staff. Our vision is to support and assist our health-care providers in the pursuit of ongoing academic and clinical learning. In addition, CPPN based education is provided free of charge to UC Davis Health staff.

By providing learning opportunities for staff, patients, and community populations, CPPN serves as a hub for many of the clinical educational endeavors occurring throughout Northern California. This is achieved through onsite instruction, distance education, and Web-based education programs.