The mission for the Center for Nursing Science is to promote the advancement of nursing science and practice. This is accomplished through diverse areas: support for innovations in patient/health care, mentored inquiry and multidisciplinary evidence implementation of evidence-based practice and research.


UC Davis nurses are improving care through a shared vision for advancing knowledge through innovative research, quality improvement endeavors and life-long learning. Through the novel educational programs and pioneering initiatives and processes implemented to improve patient care and experience, nurses are given the opportunity to learn, create, and launch advances in excellent patient and family care.

UC Davis Health has committed to prioritizing evidence-based practice, ensuring that patients are receiving cutting-edge care. Nurses work in interdisciplinary teams and continually evaluate the most current research recommendations in the variety of clinical practice areas. Practice policies are continually updated according to research findings. This process ensures that patients receive the most effective and efficient care.

The Center for Nursing Research was renamed the Center Nursing Science in 2017 to promote new and engaging programming and resources which promote clinical inquiry to advance clinical practice and patient outcomes. To that end, the center aims to assist in identifying and applying for funding to support clinical research and evidence-based practice activities that promote best practices in patient and family care.