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UC Davis Health Nurses conduct research to determine answers to clinical questions, discover new information and apply findings to practice, policy, and education. Quality outcomes for individuals, families, and our community across the institution and in the following ways:

Apply research to promote evidence-based care

Use research to shape health policy

Conduct and participate in research

The Common Rule defines research as “systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge” (§ 46.102(d)). This means that a project or study is research if it:

  • is conducted with the intention of drawing conclusions that have some general applicability; and
  • uses a commonly accepted scientific method.

Research at UC Davis :

Research in the Inpatient Setting at UC Davis Health:

We encourage investigators interested in performing inpatient research to contact to discuss resource planning and coordination in advance.

Nurse-Initiated Research & Research about Nursing Practice:

As a nurse, what steps do I need to go through so that I can conduct research?

Complete Required CITI Education

Are you a nurse or does your study look at nursing practice? If so, please follow the guidance below for IRB Submission:

  1. Complete the following items and submit to the Center for Nursing Science prior to any research activity or submission to the IRB (
  2. Submissions will be reviewed by the Center for Nursing Science and then forwarded to Chief Nursing and Patient Care Services Officer. You will be notified of completion.
  3. Submit to the IRB, per their direction (How to Submit the IRB).
  4. Add Lori Kennedy and CNO for Administrative Approval in IRBNet. Administrative approval will be signed/provided based on the review noted above.

External Resources

External Sites for Human Subjects Research