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2023 Nursing Science and Professional Governance ConferenceLisa Peterson, presenting at the 2023 Conference

Previous Conferences

 Nursing Science and Professional Governance Conference 2023

The UC Davis Health Evidence-Based Practice and Research Council is grateful to those who participated virtually and in-person in the 5th annual Nursing Science and Professional Governance Conference 2023 on May 10. The event agenda, sessions, and posters can be accessed HERE.

Thank you to those who participated in the 4th Annual Nursing Science and Professional Governance Conference on May 11, 2022. The event agenda, sessions, and posters can be accessed HERE

2021 Nursing Science and Professional Governance Conference

The UC Davis Health Evidence-Based Practice and Research Council is grateful to those who participated in the 2021 conference on May 12. The event agenda, sessions, and posters can be accessed HERE

The UC Davis Health Evidence-Based Practice and Research Council is grateful to those who participated in the virtual 2020 conference on August 5. The event agenda, sessions, and posters can be accessed HERE.

The Journey of Discovery – Using Evidence as a Road Map

Thank you to those who participated in our inaugural Nursing Science and Professional Governance Conference on May 7, 2019. The event agenda can be accessed via the linked content above. Poster session presentations can be accessed via hyperlinks below.

Poster Presentations 

Quality improvement   Innovation  Evidence-based practice   Previously presented

# Abstract title Unit/department Strategic objective
A Outpatient case management: An evolution towards value-based care Adult Infusion Center UBPC Best financial stewardship
B Improving the patient’s experience through communication Ambulatory Nursing Governance Council Best patient experience
C Raising the bar for nursing care with specialty certification Cancer Center UBPC Best people & practice environment
D Comfort strategies utilized in pediatric peripheral iv placement Children’s Hospital UBPC Best patient experience
E Surgical team handoff to the CSC PACU nurse: an evidence implementation plan CSC PACU UBPC Best quality
F Improving patient flow on an orthopedic unit: a pilot project Davis 14 UBPC Best patient experience
G Discharge by noon Davis 6 UBPC Best financial stewardship
H Fall reduction Davis 7 pediatrics Davis 7 Pediatrics UBPC Best quality
I CAUTI reduction East 4 UBPC Best quality
J Falls: Decreasing the number of falls for the neuroscience patient population East 5 Neuroscience UBPC Best quality
K Timely admissions East 5 PM&R UBPC Best quality
L Communication whiteboards: Promoting effective communication by updating patient whiteboards East 6 Cardiothoracic PCU UBPC Best patient experience
M Increasing the number of certified registered nurses in uc davis emergency department ED UBPC Best people & practice environment
N 2018 Inpatient documentation upgrade EMR Council Best quality
O Improving pain outcomes in home health patients Home Health UBPC Best quality
P From post surgery through survivorship: Self-management support of colorectal patients with ostomies Thomas Dwyer Adult Infusion Center Best quality
Q CAUTI prevention in the neurosurgical intensive care unit NSICU UBPC Best quality
R RN whiteboard utilization in the hospital setting: Implementation to increase compliance PCR UBPC Best patient experience
S Powerglide pro vs bioflo as a reliable midline vascular access device for sequential blood sampling PICC Apheresis UBPC Best quality
T Implementing a multidisciplinary pediatric A-F bundle and early mobility program in pediatric ICU PICU UBPC Best quality
U Implementation of structured problem solving at UC Davis Medical Center: engaging the front line nurse Quality & Safety Council UBPC Best quality
V Falls in SICU SICU UBPC Best quality
W Easing the patient’s transition of care T6 MSU UBPC Best patient experience
X Did you know your patient’s bed calls your vocera? Tower 4 UBPC Best quality
Y Going lean: A system wide approach to decreasing CAUTI Quality & Safety Previously presented
1 A restructuring of the wound care process to decrease central line associated bloodstream infections Burn ICU UBPC Best quality
2 Improving handoffs and transitions Clinical Practice Council Best quality
3 Supply waste reduction in the CTICU CTICU UBPC Best financial stewardship
4 Piloting an inter-professional collaboration program between nurses and physicians in a trauma environment Davis 11 UBPC Best patient experience
5 Preventing falls through hourly rounding and bedtime toileting Davis 12 UBPC Best quality
6 A comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to neonatal CLABSI reduction Davis 5 NICU UBPC Best quality
7 Falling for you: Preventing falls on Davis 8 Davis 8 UBPC Best quality
8 Falls reduction through implementation of scheduled toileting East 8 Best quality
9 Updating the collection process to prevent mislabeling and mishandling of GI lab specimens GI lab UBPC Best quality
10 No more power point!  An orientation escape room Kaiser South Sacramento Best people & practice environment
11 Elevating comfort levels: The impact of simulation education in an academic ICU MICU UBPC Best people & practice environment
12 Inter-unit partnership and collaboration: Best financial stewardship: One-hour transfer out of the ICU MSICU Blue UBPC Best financial stewardship
13 Reducing CLABSI through RNs placing the initial central line dressing: A quality improvement project MSICU Gold UBPC Best quality
14 Postpartum depression (PPD) screening: Educating the bedside nurse Nadia Carrasco University Birthing Suites Best quality
15 Improving newborn care: Antibiotic stewardship in the newborn nursery Newborn Nursery UBPC Best quality
16 Instituting a dynamic structured unit fall prevention program North 1 UBPC Best quality
17 Music therapy in the perioperative setting PACU UBPC Best patient experience
18 Removal of venous access devices under local anesthesia Radiology UBPC Best quality
19 Dialysis Solution Panel (DSP) test: Can it be used to reduce the risk of Osmotic Demyelination Syndrome (ODS) in hemodialysis patients? Renal Services Best quality
20 Increasing patient comfort, perception and satisfaction: Waiting room renovation Same Day Surgery Best patient experience
21 Improving sepsis outcomes, a collaborative approach addressing barriers defining terms Sepsis Improvement Committee (PCR Action UBPC) Best quality
22 Enhancing perinatal loss workflow: Implementation of a standardized care workflow to improve patient outcomes, education, and resources for grieving families T3 WP & D3 UBPC Best quality
23 Improving CHG Compliance among transplant and medical-surgical patients on Tower 8 Tower 8 UBPC Best quality
24 Creating pediatric education in an adult world Children’s Hospital Previously presented
25 UC Davis Health Peer Responder Program: Building resilience Children’s Hospital Previously presented
26 Honor Guard: A multidisciplinary ritual to honor patients and families who choose organ donation PICU/PCICU Previously presented
27 Developing a cardiac neurodevelopmental program PICU/PCICU Previously presented
28 Post-operative care for adult congenital heart disease patients in a pediatric cardiac intensive care unit PICU/PCICU Previously presented
29 Practice change vs. enhancing nursing education: what a multi-service 36-bed pediatric unit found worked best to reduce CLABSI rates Pediatrics - Davis 7 Previously presented

UC Davis Health Professional Governance Day was started in fall of 2012, annually showcasing posters representing the excellent projects and work achieved by nurses across the health system. Links to webpages for each Professional Governance Day are found below.

2017 Professional Governance Day (Staff Only)

2016 Professional Governance Day (Staff Only)

2015 Professional Governance Day (Staff Only)

2014 Professional Governance Day (Staff Only)

2013 Professional Governance Day (Staff Only)

2012 Professional Governance Day (Staff Only)

Professional Governance Day was expanded, renamed Nursing Science and Professional Governance Conference and moved to occur during Nurses Week starting in 2019.


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