The Center for Nursing Science offers a variety of services related to research, evidence-based practice, policy and procedures, scholarly initiatives, and dissemination. To access these services, visit the Center for Nursing Science Bookings Website to book a consult in one of these areas.


  • General Research Consult
  • Study Design
  • IRB Submission Preparation
  • Data Analysis or Statistics

Evidence-based Practice

  • General EBP Consult
  • EBP Methodology
  • Practice Inquiry
  • Data Access and Outcomes

Innovation, Inquiry and Dissemination

  • Grant Applications
  • Abstract Writing
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Publishing

Policy and Procedures

  • Policy Administration
  • Clinical Policy Review
  • Ellucid Navigation

Student or School-Related

  • Initiative or study design
  • IRB Submission