QR code microlearning sessions provide quick and easy access to instructional and educational videos, guides, tipsheets and more for UC Davis Health Employees only. This website provides links to the list of approved QR codes for microlearning sessions, the link to the microlearning submission form, links to resources, and a list of answers to FAQ’s.

List of approved QR codes for microlearning sessions (login required)

Microlearning submission form

Use this form to submit a request to generate a QR code for a microlearning educational session. Additional guidelines for QR code microlearning development and use can be found on the CPPN Policies page.


List of answers to FAQs

  1. Microlearning submissions are not limited to video; they can be tip sheet(s), images, and audio files. Submissions should take no more than 3-5 minutes for learners to view or read and include the following:
    • Learning objectives (What will the learner get out of the video? What question are you trying to answer?)
    • Educational content
    • References (APA format)
    • Name and credentials of submitter(s)
    • Name and credentials of Subject Matter Expert
  2. While microlearning sessions are not limited to policy-specific information, please use evidence-based practices, guidelines, and expert guidance as references.
  3. Submissions are not limited to inpatient care areas. Submissions are welcomed from all care areas but are subject to approval from the members of the Professional Development Council.
  4. All submissions requesting assistance, as indicated on the submission form, will be routed to the management of the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing (CPPN) for assignment to the correct personnel on a case-by-case basis.
  5. Microlearning submission forms will be reviewed at least one (1) day before the Professional Development Council (PDC) meeting, which occurs on the second Monday of each month. Estimated turnaround time for a submission is no more than 30 business days.
  6. Upon approval, the PDC will create a unique accessible to all URL and QR code and provide it to the person who created the microlearning session. Graphic standards suggest using QR code monkey to generate QR codes for best results.
  7. Microlearning sessions will be stored in Office 365 (Stream, Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint) and managed by CPPN and members of the PDC council.
  8. Only UC Davis Health employees may access the microlearning sessions. They will need to log into Office 365 via the Central Authentication Service (CAS) using their Kerberos account.
  9. Rovers do not support Office 365 applications, at this time. Microlearning sessions are accessible via the following:
    • Personal smart device (IOS or android) – Office 365 app or web browser version
    • UC Davis Health workstations – Web browser version
    • UC Davis Health unit-based tablets – Web browser version
  10. On personal devices, the CAS sign-on can be bypassed after downloading the Microsoft Office 365 application and staying logged in to the app. After scanning a QR code with your personal device, the microlearning session will automatically show up in a new window.
  11. Career ladder points may be granted for planning and developing microlearning sessions. See the career ladder website (intranet only).