Kristina SackriderKristina Sackrider is a lifelong resident of the Sacramento Region; she currently has a certification in medical assisting and is intending to further her education in hospital management. She has over a decade of experience in offering excellent patient care and customer service with exceptional attention to detail. Kristina is a former UC Davis employee from 2000-2007, during that time she spearheaded a vast majority of the digital dictation system as well as EPIC training for physicians. After UC Davis Kristina worked in community outreach from 2009-2010 with Sacramento Native American Health Center. In addition to the above accomplishments she also is an assistant manager with Market Research firm Elliot Benson, this is a position she has procured from 2008 to current. Kristina’s passions include family, travel and personal self development. Kristina is currently an administrative assistant with the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing. Kristina looks forward to a long and prosperous career with the UC Davis family.