Sabrina is the Assistant Nurse Manager and Accredited Provider Program Director at the Center for Professional Practice of Nursing where she oversees the provision of quality nursing professional development programs and activities, ensuring the department’s extensive array of offerings meet the needs of learners and the organization as well as regulatory standards.

Sabrina earned a DNP in Educational and Executive Leadership and MSN in nursing education and clinical leadership. She holds specialty certifications in Nursing Professional Development and as a Nurse Executive. Prior to her nursing career at UC Davis Health, Sabrina obtained a BA in Psychology with an emphasis on social, organizational, and health psychology. As a Nationally Board-Certified Massage Therapist, she founded and operated a successful private practice with a focus on clinical, medical-oriented massage therapy.

Sabrina has a strong passion for advancing nursing practice through lifelong learning, contributing to quality patient and organizational outcomes, promoting evidence-based practice and research, and supporting the professional development of nurses along the continuum from novice to expert.