What is it?

No Pass, No PayAn innovative, no-risk program that makes getting certified safer and easier for everyone. The result is everyone wins: nurses, nurse managers, health care facilities, and patients. In a nutshell, if the nurse uses the unique ID Code when registering for the exam, they get two attempts per year to pass the Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN) exam, and do not pay until they pass (up to four attempts maximum over time per nurse).

How it works

A health care facility contracts with the program to support its nurses in taking the CPN exam. The nurse completes and follows the instructions on the Program Application, found on the website linked above.

  • If the nurse passes the exam, the nurse is charged for the exam fees.
  • If the nurse is unsuccessful, they can take the exam an additional time before the contract expiration date.
  • If the nurse passes the second time, then the nurse is charged the exam fee.
  • If the nurse does not pass, no one pays if within the contract date.
  • If the nurse does not use the unique ID Code to register for the examination, the fee is the responsibility of the nurse and will not be covered under the program.

Benefits of the program

  • Decreased test anxiety for nurses: fear of failure is eased and confidence increases.
  • Better care: certified nurses provide the best nursing care to patients and families.
  • Certification validates specialty knowledge and expertise, enhances credibility, provides a personal sense of accomplishment, increases confidence, and can open doors to advancement.

About the exam

The PNCB No Pass, No Pay® program can be used for the Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN®) only. The CPN certification is the gold standard for the pediatric specialty, providing respected, accredited board certification for RNs with experience in the specialty.

Information concerning registering for the exam

Applying for the PNCB No Pass, No Pay® Program does not register you for the exam. To be eligible to take a certification exam, you must meet all eligibility criteria at the time of the application.