The UC Davis California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) Creating Opportunities Through Mentorship and Partnership Across Stem Cell Science (COMPASS) Undergraduate Training Program addresses the pressing need to identify, recruit, retain, and nurture a diverse population of undergraduate students for careers in regenerative medicine that reflects California’s demographics, and is sensitive to disparities in research and health care. The UC Davis CIRM COMPASS Undergraduate Training Program draws on the depth and breadth of resources, infrastructure, personnel, and expertise for a comprehensive program, identifying and fostering untapped talent within populations that are historically underrepresented in biomedical research.

The CIRM COMPASS Program partners with a range of UC Davis undergraduate opportunities and programs. The program will provide research opportunities and mentoring experiences that enhance the transition to successful careers in the regenerative medicine field that include career options such as science policy, laboratory management, research administration, regulatory science, manufacturing, clinical trials, and other health related careers such as transitions to graduate and/or medical school.

CIRM COMPASS scholars will be selected from junior and transfer students with at least two years remaining before completion of their undergraduate degree. The application process includes a request for a brief overview of interests and importance of the program to the student's career goals, a statement on self-perceived academic and personal strengths and weaknesses, educational adversities (experienced, expected), and reason for submitting the application. The review process includes an interview with the CIRM COMPASS Internal Advisory Committee.


The overriding goal of the CIRM COMPASS Undergraduate Training Program is to expand the pool and strengthen the pathways of the next generation of diverse California Institute for Regenerative Medicine scholars who embrace high-impact regenerative medicine and gene therapy research and future careers in the field.

Call for Applications