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FUTURE Career Skills and Exploration Program

FUTURE was established with funding from the NIH Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) initiative in 2013 and gained support from the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center and School of Medicine through Spring 2021. Over 350 Ph.D. students and postdocs participated in the program since its inception.

FUTURE aims to help participants acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to transition into the careers of their choice successfully.

About the Program
  • What We Offer

    While FUTURE is no longer recruiting for new participants, we have several structural components that remain intact. Primarily, we have an engaging and participatory partner network with more than 120 Ph.D. professionals who are available to serve as career mentors and on career panels. Please contact our staff to connect with our partner network.

    We also offer coaching to Ph.D. students and postdocs to support them in their academic program, and their career journey. Please contact Daniel Moglen at djmoglen@ucdavis.edu.

    Finally, we support Ph.D. students and postdocs, so if you would like to collaborate on a project, feel free to contact us.

    Future Program Flyer (PDF)

  • FUTURE Program Overview

    FUTURE is a career exploration program that helps Ph.D. students and postdocs prepare for a broad range of careers. We serve scholars from all disciplines conducting research that advances health. We welcome individuals from all backgrounds and identities.

    This 15-minute video provides a detailed overview of the FUTURE program.

  • Program Contacts

    Rachel Reeves, Ph.D.

    Stacy Hayashi, M.Ed.
    Program Manager

    Daniel Moglen, Ph.D.
    Education and Training Specialist