This NIH-NCI funded program combines key didactic, research, and career development components to train independent and productive clinical oncology researchers. The curriculum is guided by two research tracks in Basic/Translational and Clinical science. Scholars participate in four training components: (1) core competencies, (2) advanced coursework, (3) career development, and (4) mentored research. The mentored research training plan will be supervised by two senior, independently funded faculty members (one Basic/Translational mentor and one Clinical mentor) who will guide the scholar in the development and conduct of his/her research project. Scholars are expected to have developed their own investigator-initiated clinical trial during the training period, and have plans to secure suitable funding to support it.


The goal of the program is to train junior faculty (basic-translational scientists and clinician scientists) as investigators in team-based patient-oriented cancer research. Upon successful completion of a three-year, salary-supported core curriculum, scholars will receive a UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Certificate in Clinical Cancer Research.

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Scholar News

September 1, 2022

Orwa Aboud Presents at 2022 Annual Conference on CNS Clinical Trials and Brain Metastases

Orwa Aboud Orwa Aboud, assistant professor of neurology and PC K12 scholar, presented on, "Incidence of intracranial hemorrhage in glioma patients with venous thromboembolism converted from LMWH to Apixaban", at the CNS Clinical Trials & Brain Metastases Conference in Canada. The goal of this annual conference is to provide a deeper dive into the area of neuro-oncology clinical trials, to understand how to make more significant improvements in survival and quality of life of patients with primary and metastatic cancers of the central nervous system.

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