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Asian Pacific American Systemwide Alliance - Sacramento

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APASA Sacramento lead in bridging and catalyzing opportunities for professional and personal development for the UC Davis Health community, especially for those identifying with the Asian culture and values we promote and uphold.


To promote the general welfare and interests of the Asian Pacific American faculty, staff and students at UC Davis Health.

  • Serve as leaders and official representatives of the Asian Pacific American community at UC Davis Health
  • Strengthen professional and social relationships between Asian Pacific American staff, faculty and the University
  • Encourage recruitment, hiring and retention of Asian Pacific American staff and faculty at UC Davis Heath
  • Promote career and personal development opportunities for the Asian Pacific American staff and faculty at UC Davis Health
  • Promote, pursue and implement diversity on the UC Davis Health campus
  • Cooperative establishment of the Philippine Nursing Association.
  • Chapter in Sacramento, CA.
  • Boosting of social media engagement via creative mass communication strategies.
  • Creation of the APASA Studio.
  • APASA Press Corps.
  • Cross campus collaboration with UC Davis main campus departments and organizations.
  • Established the APASA athletic teams.
  • Expansion of APASA leadership with a full set of officers.
  • Creation of ERG MS Team working and engagement platform.
  • Creation of Get-Well Token Ambassadorship.


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Leadership team

  • Jojo Melendres, Chair
  • Lynette Mendoza, Chair-Elect
  • Nikki Trinh, Vice Chair
  • Samantha (Yang) Ramsey, Secretary
  • Charlotte Marcelino, Assistant Secretary
  • Cecille Del Rosario, Treasurer
  • Elmer Ancheta, Communications Director
  • Eva Lee, Communications Co-Director
  • Elizabeth Guy, Events
  • Director Cristina Aruta, Events Co-Director
  • Brent Luu, M.D., Faculty Advisor
  • Voltaire Sinigayan, M.D., Faculty Advisor

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  • Center Case Management Society of America
  • Florin Business Square, Stockton Boulevard Partnership
  • MIND Institute
  • UC Davis Cycling Club, Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps
  • American Radio Relay League
  • UC Davis DiversABILITY