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To advocate for the needs of LGBTQ+ community at UC Davis Health and empower our LGBTQ+ employees to develop their own supportive social network of colleagues, collaborators, peers and allies.


To offer a collaborative, engaging, and diverse network that supports and advocates on behalf of the LGBTQ+ community at UC Davis Health. Promote an inclusive, judgment free network for all individuals. Support and engage with local internal and external LGBTQ+ affiliates through participation in community events, scholarship, and stewardship.

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UC Davis PRIDE (people - respect - inclusion/individuality - diversity - education) supports the LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, students, patients, and alumni at UC Davis Health, UC Davis and in the Sacramento community.

We serve our campus and community by: Promoting awareness and policies, practices, and programs that advance LGBTQ+ participation and success by:

  • Advocating for LGBTQ+ advancement and leadership in education, research, clinical practice, and administration.
  • Promoting sustainable strategies to enhance an institutional climate of inclusion, equity and opportunity.
  • Collecting, analyzing and applying data to inform institutional and individual decisions and actions about LGBTQ+ patient care and community.
  • Developing initiatives, programs, and resources to promote increased awareness about the medical needs of LGBTQ+ and ally individuals.
  • Recognizing LGBTQ+ and ally accomplishments.
  • Creating opportunities for networking and professional development.

We welcome all comments, suggestions, and posts that follow the UC Davis Principles of Community. Any posts that conflict with these principles will be removed. Please feel free to message us with comments or suggestions about our pages.

UC Davis Principles of Community