Mission Statement:

We believe that all individuals have a right to health. We strive to improve health and equity for all humans in their unique context and circumstance by provided culturally competent health care and health education. Within our division, we endeavor to achieve this goal through on-going collaborations with domestic and international partners as well as preparing our students and trainees to be conscientious healthcare practitioners.

Resident Education

Our Global Health Area of Distinction and Certificate program is designed to prepare and inspire emergency medicine physicians-in-training for global health work during and after residency. Residents who complete the program will gain awareness of critical global health issues and acquire the tools necessary to incorporate global health into their careers. The longitudinal program combines both synchronous and asynchronous curricula, and global work at either an affiliated global site or one chosen by the trainee. Residents who complete the certificate in global health, will have demonstrated competency in the study, research, and practice of global health, with an emphasis on providing skills to address emerging global health challenges. The certificate program is a platform from which to perform a capstone experience with meaningful pre- and post-experience work.

Fellow Education

We offer a comprehensive fellowship in Global Emergency Medicine whereby fellows undertake an immersive one or two-year training program. This fellowship strives to prepare future leaders of international health and emergency medicine health systems. Fellows develop skills in cross-cultural collaboration, international public health, providing education in low resource settings and improvement of emergency medicine health systems and delivery of care.


One Health

University of California Davis utilizes a “One Health” Approach to address inequities around the world by pursuing an interdisciplinary approach to assess and improve the health of animals, people and the environment. UC Davis brings together experts from a variety of fields including but not limited to Human Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Engineering, Management, Public Welfare, and International Development to create unique and comprehensive solutions. We embrace the University of California’s “One Health” initiative and strive to provide integrated solutions to address global health issues.


Ongoing Global Projects and Collaborations

Peru- Sacred Valley Health (SVC)

Peruvian girls dancing

Sacred Valley Health (SVH) is an NGO located in Ollantaytambo, Peru a beautiful and remote area located with the Andean Region of Peru. Many communities within this region are isolated and must be self-sufficient. With a focus on empowerment and culturally competent education, Sacred Valley Health strives to train and support local community health workers, known as promotoras. In addition to supporting the mission and efforts of SVH, fellows will learn about the way NGO’s function while also gaining experience with community health curricula, delivery of medical care in austere environments, and assisting with monitoring and evaluation of ongoing efforts.  Dr. Shakira Bandolin currently serves on the Executive Board of Directors of Sacred Valley Health.

Website: https://sacredvalleyhealth.org/

Uganda- Global Emergency Care (GEC)

In Uganda, Global Emergency Care (GEC) has worked to train the country’s first Emergency Care Practitioners and create a self-sustaining program.  The two-year training program for nurses, staff regional and district hospitals as well as small health centers.  Recently, GEC has sponsored the country’s first physician emergency medicine training program in Mbarara.  Ultrasound remains the most important diagnostic tool available to practitioners in very low resourced emergency health settings.

The UC Davis Department of Emergency Medicine has had a formal collaborative relationship with GEC in Uganda since 2015.  Many residents, fellows, and faculty have been involved in this dynamic educational program

Website: https://globalemergencycare.org/

Vietnam- Cho Ray Hospital

As one of busiest tertiary public hospitals in South Vietnam, Cho Ray Hospital provides comprehensive emergency care to its patients. Despite the large volume of traumatic injuries and emergency care provided, no focused emergency medicine training program exists in South Vietnam. In collaboration with our colleagues from the University of Utah, fellows will work to support emergency medicine education and delivery in South Vietnam. Fellows will have the opportunity to provide clinical and lecture-based education, work clinically in a supervisory role while in Vietnam, and be involved with capacity building and tele-education projects. We are currently supporting the creation of an Emergency Medicine Education Certificate Program, an 18-month EM-focused clinical and didactic curriculum taught by a mix of US-based EM faculty and local Vietnamese physicians to improve emergency care in Vietnam.