Eric Jenkins

Medical School

Stanford University School of Medicine

Where are you from?

Sacramento, CA


I’m definitely a just “add a body of water, music, or good food” kinda guy. I do enjoy playing or watching nearly all sports, especially love watching our Sacramento Kings! Other than that, I love to dance and see live music (just about any type will do it). Catch me instigating fun anywhere my friends/co-residents or family are!

Why did you choose UC Davis EM?

Growing up in Sac Town, UC Davis Medical Center’s ED was the place that many of my family members or friends got everything across the spectrum from necessary care better suited for the clinic to life or death resuscitation, so it has a special place in my heart. The population we serve is one of the most diverse that exists in California (and the US). We serve a higher percentage of historically marginalized and vulnerable patients than I think is captured in “the rankings”. Sacramento is perfectly equipped and located.