Based on the nationally acclaimed Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching, the Mobile Summer Institute is a five-day location-specific offering hosted at UC Davis Health for our faculty educators. In July 2020 and 2021 we have had 26 UC Davis faculty attend this comprehensive training on scientific teaching.

The Mobile Summer Institute (MoSI) is a project-based training program combining interactive workshops on the tenets of scientific teaching with group work sessions where participants develop inclusive, student-centered teaching materials that they present to colleagues for peer-review at the end of the week.

The goal of the Mobile Summer Institute is to improve education. This will be achieved by a) training faculty in effective, evidence-based teaching strategies; b) facilitating reflective practices through peer mentoring and evaluation and c) facilitating strategic planning to reform educational practices at the host institution.

By the end of the institute, participants will:

  • practice a variety of evidence-based teaching strategies through workshops, presentations, and group work
  • work as a team to create teaching materials that implement evidence-based teaching strategies
  • begin to shift their focus from content and teaching to outcomes and learning
  • practice peer evaluation to promote reflective teaching practices

The interactive workshops are designed to introduce participants to innovations and research on education, and to model how to implement their underlying principles in a learning space.

Presented by: The National Institute on Scientific Teaching