For the 2023/2024 academic year we will offer a teaching and learning certificate series that will replace the Interprofessional Teaching Scholars Program. These will be a 6–8-week hybrid series designed to advance excellence in health professions education by:

  • Enhancing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of faculty in health professions education
  • Promoting the development of change agents and educational leaders who will promote the scholarship of education at UC Davis Health
  • Promoting the personal and professional development of faculty to meet the educational goals, mission, and values of our institution, with the ultimate purpose of providing service and socially responsive and responsible care for the communities we serve

Registration and Certification Processes

Attendees will need to register for individual workshops in the series. Each certificate program will have its own requirement for completion which will be specified for participants. Participants will need to demonstrate that they have completed the required materials within one year to receive a certificate. Participants are not required to obtain a certificate; they are able to simply attend courses for professional development.

Certificate Topics and Dates

Please see the registration links for the courses on the individual pages as listed below.

Engaging Learners through Instructional Excellence

Dates: October 2023 – December 2023

To receive a certificate, participants must attend all in-person sessions and complete all of the online modules within one year.

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Clinical Teaching in the Classroom and in the Trenches Certificate Program

Dates: February 2024 – April 2024

To receive a certificate, participants will need to complete all courses within one year.

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The Inclusive Educator Certificate Program

Dates: April 2024 – June 2024

To receive a certificate, participants will need to complete all courses within one year. Participants must complete either the fall or winter Diversity seminar.

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