The Moonshot – We Take Health Care Where It’s Never Been Before

Guest Speaker: David Lubarsky, M.D., M.B.A., F.A.S.A., CEO for UC Davis Health

Ultimately, this is about increasing well-span within a person’s life-span, because everyone wants to be healthy. Better, more precise, more affordable health care has something in it for everyone – patients, providers, and people who pay the bills. In the world of connected and personalized health care, patients expect care to be available when and how it’s most convenient and safe for them.

Vice Chancellor Learning Series – Thought Leadership in Healthcare

Understanding Health Care Financing

Guest Speaker: Susan Murin, M.D., M.Sc., M.B.A., Executive Director, UC Davis Medical Group, Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs

This first lecture in the series provides an important foundational information for The Vice Chancellor Learning Series – Thought Leadership in Healthcare. This session provides an overview of healthcare costs and financing in the US, including the sources and distribution of healthcare funding and mechanisms of payment to physicians and hospitals. Concepts of CPT codes and RVUs will be introduced, and the factors that contribute to differential compensation for different physician specialties are discussed.

Compassionomics: Health Care Financing and the Business of Health Care with a Heart

A presentation on the book, "Compassionomics: The Revolutionary Scientific Evidence That Caring Makes a Difference", by physician scientists Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli. Their research illuminates the eye-opening data that compassion could be a wonder drug for the 21st century, revolutionizing heath care for patients, providers and the industry alike. Compassion is a fundamental element in the relationship between provider and patient, and the rigorous review of the relevant scientific evidence in Compassionomics demonstrates that human connection in health care matter in astonishing ways.

Guest Panel included Steve Telliano, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Strategic Communications, UC Davis Health and Jennifer Baron, Chief Experience Officer, UC Davis Health.

Negotiation in the Health Care Environment: How to Optimize for Success

A presentation on effective negotiating in the health care environment. Dr. Lubarsky will discuss how best to understand negotiating principles and terminology; separating interests and position; preparing for a negotiation; understand how to turn a distributive (win-lose) into an integrative negotiation (win-win); and how to turn a negotiation to your advantage, among other issues.

Behavioral Economics Applied to Incentive Systems - What Works and What Backfires

A presentation on designing physician incentives in health care – what works and what does not work. The lecture will cover how incentives fit into change management frameworks; types of incentives; ideal financial incentive constructions; understanding when financial incentives work, and when alternative strategies are best; and different concepts of behavioral economics, among other related topics.