Our work-life and wellness programs, policies and practices are designed to support the collegial community of UC faculty. We aim to inform and support faculty at all levels as they strive to integrate and balance their professional career, self, home, family, and community life.


Work-Life Well-Being 2.0 for Physicians

March - May 2024


  • Sara Aghamohammadi, M.D., Chief Wellness Officer
  • Margaret Rea, Ph.D., Director of Student Wellness
  • Sandy Batchelor, MPC, Work-Life Manager

This three-part, interactive workshop targets physician trainees and faculty looking for a place to begin their work-life balance journey.

The instructors will:

  • Highlight the current state of physician career satisfaction
  • Describe risk factors contributing to physician burnout
  • Apply strategies that promote work-life integration as a lifelong practice for sustained career satisfaction
View the workshop flyer for the schedule and more details:

Work-Life Well-Being 2.0 for Physicians

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