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Student Wellness

The Office of Student Wellness was created in July 2009 to help our students achieve and maintain optimal physical and emotional health.  An essential aspect of becoming doctors is learning to take care of our own health and work-life balance, thus allowing ourselves to be the best healers that we can be to our patients.  The wellness skills learned during the formative years of medical school will help us continue to grow personally and professionally over long careers as practicing physicians.  The main mission of our Office is to develop and help implement measures to improve medical students’ wellness. In order to accomplish this goal, we will work together with students, residents, faculty, and staff, fostering collaborations that will lead to a culture of excellence and well-being.

Specific activities of the office include:

  • Planning educational events, such as the Annual Wellness Lecture and wellness workshops
  • Identifying and enriching mental health-care resources available to students
  • Being a triage point for any mental health-related difficulties that may arise during medical school years.

Please contact us with any suggestions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

A Message from our Director of Student Wellness

Margaret (Maggie) Rea, Ph.D., Director of Student Wellness

I am a clinical psychologist, and have worked in various hospital and academic settings providing clinical services and conducting research on mental health treatment. I am passionate about the topic of student well-being, and believe strongly that students must not lose sight of their physical and emotional well-being as they work hard to be successful. Part of becoming a physician is learning how to monitor your own wellness and find the optimum self-care strategies for you. My goal is to not only be sure you have the support you need while you are a medical student, but also to assist you in developing lifelong skills to achieve and maintain physical and mental health throughout your career.

To that effort, I oversee the wellness opportunities for our students which include facilitating access to medical and mental health services as well as providing ongoing wellness programming. Please take a look at the many offerings at the Wellness site including my monthly wellness newsletter and the various wellness events such as our monthly workshops.

I also hope you will see me as a person you can reach out to for support during your journey as a medical student. I see myself as a great first stop to learn about what wellness and other resources you might need. Please never hesitate to email mrea@ucdavis.edu or call (916) 703-WELL. Your well-being is paramount to me.