• OME Staff Retreat

    OME Staff

OME Mission Statement: Fostering a dynamic, patient-centered learning environment and preparing our students to improve the health of the diverse communities they will serve as physicians, scientists and healthcare leaders.

The Office of Medical Education consists of an interdisciplinary team of academic, technical and administrative employees who deliver centralized expertise, services and instructional resources through four major routes.

  1. OME offers a wide range of support services including Admissions, Student Development, Office of Resident & Student Diversity (OSRD), Operations, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Wellness, Office of Student and Educational Resources (OSLER), Curriculum, Center for a Diverse Healthcare Workforce (CDHW), Body Donation Program and Graduate Medical Education (GME).
  2. Provides centralized academic, administrative and technical support to faculty in the planning, delivery, evaluation and enhancement of individual courses and clerkships.
  3. Offers centralized staff support for key faculty committees including the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP), Admissions Committee, Committee on Student Progress (CSP), Fourth Year Oversight Committee, Block Council, Doctoring Steering Committee and more.
  4. The School's liaison to Campus and University educational and administrative units, statewide and national consortia for medical education and educational components of regional and national organizations such as the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) and the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).

The Office of Medical Education works closely with other administrative and educational units within the Dean’s Office and the UCD Health System to enhance the educational resources available to all Health System educational constituencies. Common goals include coordinated faculty and curriculum development, facilities planning and oversight, and strategic development of information and educational technology. The Office of Medical Education is committed to ensuring all efforts foster a diverse and inclusive learning community.