Premedical Requirements

Physicians should have a broad college level education in the natural, social, and behavioral sciences and the humanities. To be eligible to apply, applicants must complete:

  • The Medical College Admission Test (within 36 months of application) and
  • 3 years (90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours) in an accredited college or university including the following (verified by American Medical College Application Service) and
  • The following prerequisite courses at a U.S. accredited college or university (including community colleges):
    • Biological Sciences: 1 year
    • Chemistry, general and organic sequence: 2 years
    • Physics: 1 year

We accept online classes and do not require labs. However, classes in person, including labs, are preferred. Prerequisite courses are recommended to be completed within 5 years and must be completed by spring of the year intending to enroll.  Although not required, 100% of our current students have completed a bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation. You may apply the summer entering your final year of undergraduate course.

Technical, Non-Academic Standards (PDF) are also required.