Medical Students must obtain approval to invite outside commercial entities and vendors to exhibit at student events and/or other activities.

Medical students must adhere to UC Davis Health System policies under Hospital Policies and Procedures Section 2204, Vendor Relationship, 2526, UC Davis Policy and Procedural Manual Chapter 270, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer’s Representatives, the Office of Medical Education Room Usage Guidelines, and the Principles of Vendor Relationships.
Medical Students must provide written justification, description, title of event, and financial income and/or expense. 

Medical Students must complete the attached request form and have commercial entities/vendors complete the confirmation form and submit to Gurmeet Rai, Chief Administrative Officer, and Mark Servis, M.D., Senior Associate Dean of Medical Student Education. 

The completed request will be sent to UC Davis Health System Vendor Relations Committee for review and submitted to the Vice Chancellor and Dean, for approval. 

Please allow sixty days from the date of request for review and approval.

Medical Students must disclose conflict of interests with vendors including financial interests.
Commercial Entity Vendor Policy (PDF)

Vendors must complete the UC Davis Health System Office of Medical Education 
Exhibitor Confirmation & Information Form (PDF)

UC Davis Health System Policy 2204, Vendor Relationship