The UC Davis School of Medicine Academic Coaching Program was developed in response to a request from students to have enhanced support throughout their growth as physicians in training.  Initially a limited pilot with five coaches, the coaching program was recognized by the institution as a valuable service to students and has now expanded to a group of 15 coaches who will support students throughout their time at UC Davis School of Medicine.  

Coaches have been selected from a competitive group of clinical faculty, prioritizing strong educators with excellent clinical skills who will develop longitudinal relationships with diverse learners. All coaches receive ongoing training in working with our students and ways to access and utilize resources available at the School of Medicine. Coaches also collaborate closely with the Associate Dean of Students, Dr. Sharad Jain. 

Coaches serve as anchors and guides during medical training. They play a distinct role in helping students understand the culture of medicine, their contribution to it, and how to name and achieve their goals. Coaches spend time getting to know individual students’ strengths and areas for growth during structured one-on-one sessions. As successful physician educators, coaches have insight from their own lived experience and will guide students' understanding and ownership of their professional development. The goal of coaching is to help every student become the physician they hope to be through self-knowledge and thoughtful planning. 

All medical students are assigned to a coach at matriculation to form a longitudinal relationship that will evolve over the course of medical training as students transition from preclinical learning to clinical immersion to preparing for their next stages of professional development. Coaches will review students’ academic progress as well as their professional and personal goals, and they will help students develop short and long term plans, prioritizing professional satisfaction and personal well-being.  

Specific points of contact with students occur in: 

  •  Doctoring, years 1 and 2 courses facilitated by coaches 
  •  Clinical Skills Sessions, including PBLI and CPX exercises 
  • Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings over the course of each academic year 
  •  Periodic group activities to support peer to peer connections between students throughout their time at the SOM 

We look forward to helping students become the best physician they can be with the help of their coaches!