Ajay Sampat, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
Email: acsampat@ucdavis.edu

Medical school was such a formative time for me, and I feel that was largely due to the wonderful mentors I had at Pritzker. They not only helped me chart my career path, but also provided me with trusted guidance when I decided to make a career change after medical school (I switched residency from anesthesiology to neurology). I hope to be able to "pay forward" this guidance and mentorship so that I can be part of the formative experience for other students at UC Davis.

Brian Young, M.D.
Health Sciences Clinical Associate Professor
Email: byyoung@ucdavis.edu

I love working with medical students. I remember when I was a student many years ago that I was lucky to have mentors and educators that spent dedicated time with me, becoming fantastic role models and helping to shape my career. They were passionate and inspiring. I hope to be the same for the students that I work with as an academic coach.

Candice Sauder, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Email: camsauder@ucdavis.edu

Medical school can be hard and is often a time of transition. I find that this is where people struggle, in the transitions. We see it time and time again in all areas of life, but it is the relationships we make that help us get through. This is the same in medicine--teachers, mentors, coaches make all the difference.

Carolina Candotti, M.D.
Hospitalist, Internal Medicine
Email: ccandotti@ucdavis.edu

I enjoy working with students because I care about their learning, I enjoy witnessing someone grow and students are fun! I learn every day.

Emily Marquet, M.D.
Hospitalist, Internal Medicine
Email: emarquet@ucdavis.edu

The students bring so much energy and positivity to learning! I enjoy helping them apply their studies to clinical experiences and appreciate the thoughtfulness that they bring to patient care.

Erik Fernandez y Garcia, M.D.
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Email: efernandezygarcia@ucdavis.edu

Working with students provides me with the opportunity to pay forward all of the support that I have received throughout my career. Selfishly, it is rewarding in that way. I also enjoy helping students realize what is important for them so that our workforce can grow stronger and hopefully, help it avoid angst later in life.

Farah Shaheen, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine
Email: fshaheen@ucdavis.edu

I enjoy not only imparting knowledge but also, learning from my students. I consider the bond between student and teacher to be dynamic, where in its best form, both individuals give and receive knowledge in a friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, I love being a mentor to students, and helping them on their journey to accomplish their dreams. I have been privileged to have had innumerable mentors who have helped pave the way to where I am today. I hope to be able to do the same for students.

John Landefeld, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine

Working with students is one of the most fun parts of my job. I find it invigorating to share my passion for clinical medicine, and to develop creative ways to teach core clinical topics. l love being asked tough questions by learners -- it forces me to revisit my own understanding of concepts and, when I don't know the answer to the question, gives me an opportunity to humbly look up the answer and report back! Students come from so many backgrounds, each with a different perspective and set of life experiences which help teach me about the world and our patients, and helps me to become a better doctor.

Kirti Malhotra, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine
Email: kmalhotra@ucdavis.edu

Watching students understand difficult concepts, apply their knowledge and gain confidence in their clinical reasoning is a highly rewarding experience. In addition, lifelong learning is one of my deepest values, and teaching future generations is one way to ensure that I continue to improve myself and my skills. I enjoy encouraging a growth mindset among my students, so they can focus on improving their knowledge rather than proving it. In addition, I strongly believe in diversity. As an immigrant, I understand the importance of culture and life-experiences in shaping our approach and perspective on medicine. As a future clinical educator, I am dedicated to understanding the culture, background and learning abilities of my students to create a learner-centered environment.

Leland Bourdon, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine
Email: lbourdon@ucdavis.edu

Students have an eagerness to learn and soak up anything they can!

Maha Sami, M.D.
Hospitalist, Internal Medicine
Email: msami@ucdavis.edu

I remember the vulnerability and fear of being a medical student all too well - it's gratifying to be able to provide support and mentorship!

Micaela Godzich, M.D.
Co-Associate Residency Program Director
Assistant Clinical Professor
Email: mgodzich@ucdavis.edu

Our students inspire me and help me be a better doctor and a better person. It's easier to be optimistic about the future of medicine when I work with them. 

Rory Kamerman-Kretzmer, M.D.
Attending Pediatric Pulmonologist
Assistant Clinical Professor
Email: rkam@ucdavis.edu

I sincerely enjoy seeing students find their passion - there are so many ways to further the art and science of medicine! I enjoy seeing the first time that a student realizes that the mere act of attentive listening, being present, and bearing witness is a form of service immensely appreciated by many patients and families. (A good listener often makes an accurate diagnosis as well!) And, I enjoy seeing students push themselves in new and challenging ways, discovering new skills, talents, and capacities that they did not know that they had before starting medical school.

Theresa Duong, M.D.
Hospitalist, Internal Medicine
Assistant Clinical Professor
Email: tnduong@ucdavis.edu

Each individual medical student brings a fresh take and perspective to medicine, which reminds me of what an honor it is to be a doctor and how professionally rewarding it is to be in medical education.

Shubha Anantharishnan, M.D.
Associate Clinical Professor
Email: sananthakrishnan@ucdavis.edu

I realized that I loved working with students when I was in high school and taught my younger cousins, trying to come up with creative ways to help explain concepts better. I love the challenge and the excitement of figuring out where the student/learner is with their learning and help propel them forward to the next level. I find very few things in life are as rewarding as when your student finally gets that difficult concept and has their "AHA" moment! Working with students also makes me better everyday, thanks to the students' curious minds!