During the 2018-2019 academic year, I had the immense privilege of being part of a cohort of five physician educators chosen by Dr. Sharad Jain to be the pilot group of coaches for the School of Medicine. 

This group was composed of exceptional colleagues who dove deeply into determining what our students need and how best to support them in blossoming into the physicians they hope to be. 

Based on the hard work done with students by our group (Academic Coaching: An Innovative Tool in Medical Education) and student feedback, we recognized that there was room for the coaching program to grow. 

With the support of the School of Medicine, the coaching program is now being rolled out to all medical students and the number of coaches has tripled as their role has been expanded and refined. 

This academic year, we look forward to forming strong bonds with our students and learning from them as we help them grow into the best physicians that they can be. We're proud to be part of your journey. 


Mika Godzich