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    UC Davis School of Medicine Curriculum Redesign

In the summer of 2020, the faculty voted overwhelmingly to adopt the recommendations of the Curriculum Design Team, which resulted in the new I-EXPLORE (Integrated Explorative Patient and Learner ORiented Education) curriculum. This result was preceded by two-months of discussion and consideration of the Committee on Educational Policy (CEP), who then collaborated with the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) to host four town halls before presenting the proposal to all faculty.

Under the direction of FEC and CEP, the Curriculum Implementation Team (CIT) launched in the Fall of 2020 and is responsible for steering the faculty workgroups representing the new courses and longitudinal elements of I-EXPLORE. CIT’s initial focus is on course organization and content distribution and will later move to assist workgroups with content development. The first phases of I-EXPLORE, the first and third year of the curriculum, will be implemented in the summer of 2021.

Curriculum Implementation Team Members

Hana Anderson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Cell Biology and Human Anatomy

Paul Aronowitz, M.D., Health Sciences Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine

Anthony Bhe, M.D., Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine

Lavjay Butani, M.D., Professor and Chief, Pediatrics - Division of Nephrology

Olivia Marie Campa, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor, Internal Medicine

Dan Comins, M.A. Ed., Instructional Designer

Suzanne Eidson-Ton, M.D., Health Sciences Clinical Professor, Family and Community Medicine

Maya Evans, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Alicia Gonzalez-Flores, M.D., Associate Physician, Internal Medicine

Melody Hou, M.D., Associate Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Russell Jones, M.D., Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine

Norika Malhado-Chang, M.D., Associate Professor, Neurology

Natasha Nakra, M.D., Associate Professor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases

Jennifer Plant, M.D. (Chair), Associate Clinical Professor and Chief, Pediatric and Cardiac Intensive Care

Luis Fernando Santana, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Physiology and Membrane Biology

Barbara Shacklett, Ph.D., Professor, Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Naileshni Singh, M.D., Associate Professor, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Lane Squires, M.D., Assistant Professor, Clinical Otolaryngology

Heike Wulff, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmacology

Kristin Olson, M.D., Associate Dean of Curriculum and Education, Office of Medical Education

Joanna Arnold, Ph.D., Director, Office of Student Learning and Educational Resources, Office of Medical Education

Morgan Luthi, Director, Curriculum and Educational Technology, Office of Medical Education