Mission Statement: To develop and implement policies and procedures that ensure graduating students demonstrate competence as future physicians.

The Committee on Student Promotions (CSP) is a Standing Committee of the Faculty Senate.  It is responsible for:

  1. Meeting and/or consulting with any student whose academic or professionalism progress is of concern.  At its discretion, CSP can communicate with IORs, OSLER staff and other personnel in the School of Medicine (such as the Office of Student Wellness and/or CAPS) about these concerns.
  2. Acting as the grade appeal committee for the School of Medicine (SOM)
  3. Certifying that each student in the SOM meets the requirements for promotion to the next academic year.
  4. Ensuring the formulation and application of effective policies and procedures for the evaluation of academic and professional student performance.
  5. Determining (in consultation with the IORs, when appropriate) the course and duration of academic and professionalism remediation resulting from academic warning or probation events.
  6. Meeting with students who have been away from the medical school curriculum for an extended period, to assure satisfactory progress upon their re-entry into medical school coursework.
  7. Recommending to the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC), the candidates who have successfully completed the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine.

Actions of the Committee:

  1.  Places students on academic warning or probation for (see policy for details):
    1.  Any academic deficiency (“Y”, “F”, or professionalism)
    2. Failure of any step of the USMLE.
  2. Removes a student from academic warning or probation after successful completion of the CSP- directed remediation.
  3. Adjudicates on student appeals of Y marks or F grades and in such circumstances determines the final grade for the respective course/clerkship.
  4. Recommends dismissal of a student to the Executive Associate Dean, who will be responsible for notifying the Dean of the School of Medicine of his or her approval or disapproval of recommending dismissal.
    1. If a student is dismissed from the School of Medicine, the student has the right to appeal the decision with the Faculty Executive Committee (see Section 80(E) of the UCD SOM Bylaws & Regulations).
    2. If a student is successful in the appeal of the dismissal, he/she will meet with the Committee on Student Promotions to determine what remediation will be required in order to graduate from medical school.

    Members of the Committee1:

    1. Eight members of the Academic Senate, appointed by the Faculty Executive Committee, Committee on Committees.
      1. Members shall be faculty who have been major contributors to the teaching of medical students with representatives from both the basic and clinical sciences.
    2. Up to two non-Academic Senate faculty may be appointed to serve on the Committee by the FEC’s Committee on Committees.
    3. The Vice Chair of the Faculty Executive Committee is an ex officio2 member.
    4. One or two Dean’s level administrative officers, whose experience and interest lie in the fields of student affairs and curriculum may serve ex officio, without vote.
    5. Invited guests include the Assistant Dean, Student and Resident Diversity and the Director of OSLER.
    6. A quorum for a Committee on Student Promotions meeting shall be a majority of the voting members.

    Current members of the Committee on Student Promotions.

    For more details, please see the UC Davis School of Medicine Bylaws and Regulations.  You may find the current SOM Bylaws at: http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/medschool/somsenate/

    For a list of current members of the Committee on Student Promotions, please see the “Standing Committees’ Membership” link for the appropriate academic year at:  http://www.ucdmc.ucdavis.edu/medschool/somsenate/.

    1   See section 4.225 of the UCD School of Medicine Bylaws & Regulations
    2   Member according to position held on Faculty Executive Committee, with vote.