The School of Medicine has seven standing committees that report to the Faculty Executive Committee. Three of those committees, the Admissions Committee, the Committee on Educational Policy, and the Committee on Student Promotions include Associate Deans from the Office of Medical Education as ex-officio members. 

The Committee on Educational Policy (CEP) manages all aspects of the I-EXPLORE curriculum and ensures the curriculum is in compliance with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) standards. To accomplish this shared governance responsibility, CEP meets weekly and empowers three subcommittees to assist in curriculum oversight. The subcommittees are the Curriculum Enrichment Subcommittee (CES), the Curriculum Evaluations and Outcomes Subcommittee (CEOS), and the Curriculum Steering Subcommittee (CSS). CES’ focus is on elective experiences, CEOS utilizes data from course assessment outcomes and evaluations to provide direction and support on assessments, data collection, and evaluations, and CSS is responsible for the oversight of the required curriculum, which includes input from the Pre-Clerkship Workgroup, the Clerkship Directors Workgroup, and the Clinical Skills Workgroup. The School of Medicine’s Bylaws and Regulations detail the membership, duties, and responsibilities of each committee.

Oversight Committees Flowchart PDF

Curriculum Committee and Workgroup Chairs

CEP - Melody Hou, M.D., M.P.H.

CES - Lorin Scher, M.D.

CEOS - Aaron Danielson, M.D.

CSS - Karnjit Johl, M.D.

Pre-Clerkship Workgroup - Anthony Bhe, M.D.

Clerkship Directors Workgroup - Melody Hou, M.D., M.P.H.

Clinical Skills Workgroup - Jennifer Plant, M.D., M.Ed.