Student Parking & Permits

Unless marked otherwise, all parking areas at UC Davis Medical Center, including off-site and leased facilities, are reserved for permit-only parking for students, staff, government or vendor/service vehicles. To use these areas, vehicles must have a valid permit and/or license plate (virtual permits).  All permits must be authorized and issued by Parking Services.  In lots 14, 16 and 25, one-day permits can be purchased from a dispensing machine via cash, credit card or by utilizing the Flowbird app on a mobile device.

Student (C permits) are issued on a calendar month basis, and can be purchased in the parking office.

Student permit parking is on a "first-come, first-serve" basis and does not guarantee the holder a reserved parking space.  It provides the opportunity to legally park where space is available.

Permits are not for resale and are not transferrable to other persons.  Permits are for use by the purchaser only.  Only one parking permit may be purchased per person.

Visit Parking and Transportation Services for more information.

Student Green Commuter Permit

Parking also offers a free School of Medicine Permit that provides courtesy parking from 5:00 pm - 6:00 am Monday thru Friday and all day on Saturday's and Sunday's. This permit is designed for students who are actively enrolled with the School of Medicine and registered green commuters.  This permit can be utilized in Lots 12, 14, 16 and 17.  To enroll and receive this free School of Medicine Permit, the following is required:

  1. Student identification
  2. Student must be registered in the Green Commuter Program

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Sarah Janus

Bicycle Information

Student must register his/her bike with the Parking Office.  There is a one-time cost of $5 to license the bike indefinitely, and a $5 for the registration which is active for up to 3 years.

The map on this page shows the locations of all the bicycle racks, lockers and cages.  If you have any questions about bicycle use and policies on campus or to learn about our alternative transportation options and benefits, please contact the Green Commuter Program.

For more information, please visit our Green Commuter page.

UC Davis Medical Center Shuttle Services

Med-Transit shuttle services connects the main hospital with various locations within the medical center area, including public transportation. The routes provide service to/from the main hospital, clinics, parking lots, Kiwanis House, Ronald McDonald House and various buildings on the medical center campus.

Med-Transit operates the UC Davis/UC Davis Medical Center Shuttle between the medical center and the UC Davis campus.

Special event transportation is also supported by the Med-Transit shuttle service Shuttle Routes Map

UC Davis/UC Davis Medical Center Shuttle

The UC Davis/UC Davis Medical Center Shuttle is a service for persons affiliated with the University of California (this includes faculty, staff, students, interns, volunteers, patients, and visitors.) This service runs Monday through Friday excluding university holidays. All of our shuttles are ADA accessible.

For more information, visit the Intercampus Shuttle page

Alternative Transportation Options

For information on transportation choices including car pools, van pool, transit light rail, bicycling, Amtrak and shuttle service, please visit Alternative Transportation Options