February 14, 2020

Parking Structure 3 Modernization Upgrades Continue; East Entry To Be Closed Feb. 18

The East entry/exit gates for Parking Structure 3 (PS3) will close for construction beginning Tuesday, Feb. 18 as modernization upgrades continue. The West gates (near Stockton Blvd.) will be open during this time, accessible via the access road off Stockton Boulevard. Construction is anticipated to take four to five weeks.

Please note:

  • The PS3 East entry/exit gates will be closed to all traffic starting Feb. 18.
  • Entry to the PS3 West gate will be from Stockton Boulevard only, via the access road.
  • Exiting from the PS3 West gate, all vehicles must turn right along the access road to access X Street and Stockton Boulevard.

Employees are encouraged to allow extra time in getting to work, as heavy traffic is expected during peak times.

Parking and Transportation Services and the UC Davis Police Department are taking steps to minimize delays during this time, as improvements continue to be made to parking facilities and your parking and customer experience.

For more information, please visit News and Events.

Patient & Visitor Parking

A range of parking options are available for UC Davis Medical Center patients and visitors, depending on the length and nature of your visit.


Patient & Visitor Parking Areas:

The cost to park in all locations is the same: $2 per hour (or fraction thereof) with a maximum charge of $12 per day. Please note, however, that some areas have maximum stay time limits.

Courtesy Shuttle:

UC Davis Health’s courtesy shuttle provides free, convenient connections to various hospital and clinic services on the Sacramento campus, such as the main hospital, the Ellison Ambulatory Care Center or "ACC," the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Kiwanis and Ronald McDonald houses.

Motorist Assistance

Courtesy Motorist Assistance services include vehicle unlock, jumpstart vehicles, tire air assistance and gas service. These services are provided to staff, students, patients and visitors located on the UC Davis Medical Center. 

Please contact to our office to request services.