Unless marked otherwise, all parking areas at UC Davis Medical Center, including off-site and leased facilities, are reserved for permit-only parking for staff, government or vendor/service vehicles. To use these areas, vehicles must display a valid permit and/or license plate.

Vehicles not displaying or associated with a valid permit may be subject to a parking violation citation, whether payment is in effect or not.

Only a "D Permit" allows the holder a reserved parking space in assigned area. All other permits do not guarantee the holder a reserved parking space. It provides the opportunity to legally park, where space is available. Only one parking permit may be purchased per person.

Permits are not for resale; not transferrable to other persons; only permitted to be used by the purchaser.

Employee/Student Permit Rates

Effective March 1, 2023

Permit Type

Monthly Rate

Daily Rate

B Permit $58.00 per calendar month


(Parkmobile Zone# 42201)

D Permit* (Employee Only)

$109.00 per calendar month

$51 Monthly D Reservation


$2.32 per day

(Parkmobile Zone# 42401)

T Permit* (Employee Only)

(see time restriction below)

$89.00 per calendar month

$31 Monthly T Reservation


$2.32 per day

(Parkmobile Zone# 42401)

Motorcycle Permit $29.00 per calendar month N/A
Dual Campus Permit N/A See Below

*Reservations are valid only when combined with a Daily Permit (ParkMobile zone #42401 is for Reserved daily parking)

Daily Parking

Parkmobile Daily Parking App  Parkmobile Logo

Download the ParkMobile App to purchase daily parking. For more information regarding ParkMobile, click here.

If you do not have a UC Davis email address to use with ParkMobile, daily permits can be purchased with a credit card at the self-service kiosk located in Lot 25 or by downloading the Flowbird mobile app. 


Dual Campus Parking / AggiePark 

AMP Parking LogoEmployees or students who need to access to both UC Davis Campus and UC Davis Health the same day are encouraged to purchase a Davis Campus “UCD Dual Campus A Zone” or “UCD Dual Campus C Zone” daily permit through AggiePark (AMP Park) for same-day parking* access at both locations. Dual campus permits cost less that purchasing separate daily permits and are valid anywhere UC Davis Health “B” parking is allowed at the Medical Center, in addition to A or C zone parking on the Davis Campus.

For purchase instructions, current rates, and eligibility please visit the UC Davis Dual Campus Parking Page.

NOTE: Daily dual campus permits expire at midnight

Shared (Carpool) Permit Rates

Effective March 1, 2023

Permit Type

Monthly Rate

2 Person Carpool $27.55
3 Person Carpool $16.43
4 Person Carpool $10.88
5 Person Carpool $7.54
D - 2 Person Carpool $51.78
D - 3 Person Carpool $30.88

Specialty Permit Rates

Effective March 1, 2023

Permit Type

Monthly Rate

Volunteer - Quarterly $70.00
Graduate School - Quarterly $85.00
Graduate School Weekend - Quarterly $55.00

T Permit Information

The T Permit is a time-restricted D permit, specifically designed to address the needs of employees working a mid-shift schedule, who report to work later, and desire the convenience of closer, guaranteed parking.
T Permits are honored in an assigned “D” parking area, just like the D permit, except with time restrictions:

  • The T Permit is not valid in “D” parking spaces between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m., Monday through Friday.
  • T permitholders may only park in their assigned “D” spaces after 9 a.m., and must leave before 5 a.m., Monday through Friday. There are no time restrictions on weekends.
  • If needed, T permitholders may park in “B” areas any time, 24x7. The time restriction applies to “D” parking spaces only.

Disabled Placards

Disabled placards or plates issued by The California Department of Motor Vehicles identifying staff, faculty and students who require a wide parking space to use special equipment such as wheelchairs or walkers will be required to purchase and display a valid UC Davis Medical Center "B", "C" or "D" or ParkMobile daily parking permit. These are the only permits honored in parking spaces denoted by the international handicap symbol because they are displayed in conjunction with a handicapped placard or plate.

Disabled placard and registration must be presented and verified with the parking office. Disabled placard and registration must be renewed with the parking office prior to expiration. 

Medical Accommodation Permits

Medical parking permits are available through the parking services offices for persons who require temporary, short-term, close-in parking for medical reasons, but who do not require a wide-space stall for mobility. This permit is issued with a time period not to exceed 2 months. Extension of this time limitation is granted at the discretion of the parking services manager with appropriate documentation from a physician.

  • Medical Accommodation Permit must be used in conjunction with a valid "B", "C", "D" or ParkMobile daily permit.
  • Medical Accommodation Permit eligibility for staff/employees is reviewed by Parking and Transportation Services. Employees must provide to parking services a letter from a physician stating mobility limitations and duration of need.