Our Mission, Vision & Values


To value our employees by empowering them to provide the best possible experience to all who utilize the services of Parking & Transportation on the UC Davis Health campus.


Focus on customer service by increasing our modes and clarity of communication, utilizing new technology to provide service options, optimizing people flow on the UCDH campus, as well as educate patients, staff, faculty and students on campus parking policies. This will create a better experience for all stakeholders by increasing compliance, while promoting environmental stewardship and continuing to expand our offerings of alternative transportation options.


  • Patient & Customer Service
  • Increased Communication to Users
  • Educate the Campus Community
  • Achieve Greater Compliance
  • Environmental Stewardship

Basic Information

UC Davis Medical Center's parking fund generates income through permit sales, hourly parking charges, departmental recharges, and meter collections. A reserve fund is maintained for construction activities, parking operations including its share of utilities, landscaping, cleaning, signage, maintenance, and repair. The Fines and Forfeitures fund is supported from citation revenue to support greener more sustainable transportation options.

Parking services will continue to implement a planning and financial parking facility development strategy which allows for construction of short-term, low-cost surface parking to meet the access requirements of the medical center until permanent and more expensive parking structures and surface lots are constructed. This strategy avoids implementing spiked permit fee increases in one year, which parking patrons have identified as unreasonable, and allows parking services to establish rate increases, necessary to meet its debt service obligations.