Parking and Transportation Online Services

UC Davis Health staff, faculty and students can now manage their parking online. The following services are available:

  • Permit Management
  • Citation payments and appeals
  • Green Commuter – 1 Day Permit access and allocation
  • Carpool set up
  • Update contact information

Click here to access our online services or go to

Demonstration Videos


How to obtain a Notice of Virtual Parking Permit (Davis Campus)


How to assign a Green Commuter 1-Day Parking Permit


How to purchase a Temporary Parking Permit


How to purchase a Payroll-Deducted Parking Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

I am unable to view the link in my browser.

Please try using a different browner, such as Google Chrome or a mobile device browser such as Safari.

I have more than one vehicle I occasionally drive. Or I have a rental car – what do I do?

You can list up to 3 vehicles, including a temporary replacement vehicle like a rental car.

I have a brand new car that does not yet have a license plate number, how do I add it on to my permit?

Please call Parking & Transportation (916-734-2687) to provide the VIN.

What do I do if I need to use my Green Commuter 1-Day Pass at the Davis Campus?

You will be able to print the GC 1-Day pass through the email confirmation receipt. Or online under “View Permit.”

I work at Davis Campus several times a week, do I have to print out a 7 day pass every week?

A Permenant Notice of Virtual Permit might be a better option for you, please email with your employee ID number and how often you work at Davis Campus. If approved, you will be notified when the permit is ready for pickup.