Light Rail Station

The UC Davis Medical Center is conveniently located near four bus routes and the Gold Line Light Rail. UC Davis Health employees and medical and nursing students are eligible for subsidized rates on transit passes. Transit subsidies can be used for Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) and its neighboring cities, and Amtrak services such as Capitol Corridor (from the Bay Area).

Benefits of a Transit Commute:

  • Save money: not only can you save money on gas and parking, but you can also reduce the miles and wear-and-tear on your vehicle. 
  • Time for yourself: sit back and relax while someone else does the driving! You can use the time on the bus to read a book, stream your favorite show, or catch up on emails.
  • Less stress: lose the stress of driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic.   
  • Safety: studies show that busses are a safer mode of travel than cars. 
  • Improve air quality: reduce your carbon footprint. Every trip counts towards improving the air quality in our region. 

Up to $100 Monthly Subsidy

Starting November 1, 2023, the Green Commuter Program offers a transit subsidy of up to $100 per month. This subsidy covers the entire cost of a monthly pass for SacRT, making the commute free for most transit riders! Our new and improved transit subsidy program allows you flexibility to take transit whenever you need, great if you work varying shifts or a hybrid schedule. 

How is the subsidy applied?

Most transit providers in the Sacramento region use Connect Card, an electronic transit fare payment system. The subsidy is applied directly to your Connect Card when you pick one up from the Parking Office. 

We manage the funds on your Connect Card so you don't have to! We will load a cash value onto your Connect Card, and then every time you ride transit, $2.50 will be deducted from your balance (the cost of a single ride). Anytime your Connect Card gets below $10, we will automatically reload money onto it. This means that you will always have funds available to you on your Connect Card whenever you ride!

What if I want to use a transit service that costs more than $100 per month?

If you’d like to use a transit service outside of the Sacramento Regional Transit District (El Dorado, Yuba/Sutter, Roseville, etc.), please let us know so we provide you with the transit pass that best meets your needs. 

What if I want to use a transit service that does not use Connect Card (like Amtrak)?

If you commute using a transit service such as Amtrak (Capitol Corridor) that does not use the Connect Card for train fares, you can still get our transit subsidy! Subsidies for Amtrak are provided by a physical voucher that you can use to purchase your train tickets. Please email Marissa Barber for more information. 

Connect Transit Card

Connect Card tapping on card reader

Your Connect Card is your pass to board any bus or light rail within the Sacramento Regional Transit (SacRT) system. SacRT offers service throughout the Sacramento region, including bus service, light rail, SmaRT Ride Microtransit service, SacRT Go Paratransit service, and more! 

 The Connect Card also works with the following transit providers:

  • e-tran
  • El Dorado Transit
  • Folsom Stage Line
  • Placer County Transit
  • Roseville Transit
  • SCT Link
  • Yolobus
  • Yuba-Sutter Transit

Interested in trying transit?

Stop by the Parking Office at any time during business hours to pick up a Connect Card.

outside of bus with passengers standing nearby and exiting bus

UC Davis Health has partnered with the Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) to launch a new bus service: the Elk Grove/UC Davis Medical Center Express. The new bus route offers convenient service between the city of Elk Grove and the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. The Elk Grove Express bus will operate Monday-Friday with six morning trips and six evening trips during peak commute times. 

The Elk Grove Express Bus is free for employees and students at UC Davis Health with a Connect Card. 

Click here for routes and schedules. 

causeway connection bus parked in front of UC Davis Hospital

The Causeway Connection is a bus service connecting the UC Davis main campus (Davis) to the Medical Center (Sacramento). All UC Davis affiliates can ride the Causeway Connection for free by showing their UC Davis ID badge when boarding. 

For more information, please visit

Green Commuter Program Benefits

If you regularly commute by transit (and do not have a parking permit), you qualify for the Green Commuter Program! If you sign up for a Connect Card from the Parking Office, you will automatically be enrolled in the Green Commuter Program, and are eligible for the following benefits.  

Parking when you need it

Employees participating in a Green Commuter Program can receive up to 24 Green Commuter 1-Day Permits for courtesy parking days each fiscal year. Green Commuter 1-Day Permits are valid for any B parking space. Please check with the Parking and Transportation Services office for details.

If you are already registered in the Green Commuter Program, here is instructions on how to activate a Green Commuter 1-Day Permit.

Guaranteed Ride Program

As a Green Commuter, if you need to leave work early for an emergency, you are not stuck! The Guaranteed Ride Program will cover trips to or from work in the event of an emergency. This great service is available up to 5 times per calendar year to assist when the need arises. 

Click here to learn more about the program, or visit to access this benefit.