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How does the JAPA work?

Step 1: Before commuting to work, download the JAPA Smart Parking app to your mobile device – either from the Apple or Android store.

Step 2: Once downloaded, open the app, and select UC Davis Health. Click “View List,” to see a list of parking lots, with space availability at a glance (Tip: uncheck the filter “B Permit Spaces” to see availability for all spaces).

Step 3: Click “View Spaces” on the lot you wish to look at more closely, and you will be presented with a map showing individual space availability. B Permit spaces are marked as circles. A “green dot” means the parking space is currently vacant, a “red dot” means the space is in use and unavailable. There are also blue handicap icons to indicate accessible parking spaces available. If the colors are difficult to differentiate, you can click “Information” instead to see a breakdown of available spaces by type.

Japa, Inc. offers a combined software-hardware solution that coordinates the parking
experience for consumers while allowing parking facility departments to manage their
assets more effectively.