The UC Davis School of Medicine has seen a lot of change in medical education the last few years, particularly with COVID, the LCME and our new I-EXPLORE curriculum. The landscape for our students and our school has transformed, and we are all adjusting to the new normal. While nearly all of these changes have been good for our school and our students, we haven’t been as effective in communicating the positive changes to our students as we would ideally like and closing the loop on feedback and suggestions they have made to us. To help address this gap and do a better job of highlighting all the exciting new initiatives happening across medical education, we have launched the YAWD (You Asked, We Did) website! This page is a one-stop shop for our students to get information on changes in the pre-clerkship, clerkship and post-clerkship years in response to student input, as well as in non-curriculum units (students affairs, operations, etc.).