Our programs are designed to make your journey to becoming a graduate and medical student successful.  Many diverse students have appreciated the inclusion and respect that have been a part of their education.  Let us support your passion to improve lives and transform the health in the communities that you will serve.

UC Davis School of Medicine—Promoting excellence through diversity

The mission of the Office of Student and Resident Diversity (OSRD) is to create an environment of inclusion and respect, and to actively recruit and fully foster the development of a physician workforce that reflects the rich diversity of our nation and our world — a workforce wholly equipped to serve and care for all people, vigorously committed to reducing health disparities, and passionately dedicated to the goal of achieving true health equity.

Our Programs

K-12 Outreach Programs

  • Our opportunities allow students to develop and sustain an interest in medicine and science while promoting early college preparation and readiness.

Undergraduate & Community College Programs

  • The UC Davis Pre-Health Conference provides community college, university, postbac and pre-health students and advisors with the information and skills necessary to succeed in the health-professions school admissions process.
  • The Medical School Preparatory Enhancement Program increases opportunities for socio-economically and educationally disadvantaged students from local universities to pursue careers in medicine.

Postbaccalaureate Program

  • Our one-year academic enhancer program with MCAT preparation and advanced college courses helps educationally and/or socio-economically disadvantaged students become more competitive applicants to medical school.

Medical Students & Residents

  • OSRD sponsors Student Interest Groups through funding, outreach and event planning to promote greater understanding across cultural differences.
  • The Visiting Elective Program supports fourth-year students from other schools who are underrepresented in medicine and/or from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and want to match into the UC Davis Health residency programs.