There are two virtual opportunities for prospective candidates to learn about UC Davis Health DEI initiatives and how we support your residents and fellowship in their journey at UC Davis Health. Participants are welcome to attend an information session and our GME DEI Day. 

DEI Information Session

Current medical students are invited to join us for a virtual information session to learn about UC Davis Health, various residency programs and specialties, living in Sacramento, CA, DEI communities, Diversity Visiting Elective Program, and spotlights from our current residents. Prospective 4th year medical students who either grew up in California, attended California schools, or medical students interested in serving northern California communities are highly encouraged to attend. 

2023 GME DEI Day

GME Leadership Morning Session Time Stamped 

1:41 – Introductions to GME DEI Day, Office of Graduate Medical Education 

2:24 – Dr. Erik Fernandez y Garcia, Sacramento: Diversity, Geography, Industry, History, and Community 

4:43 – Catchment Area, Demographics, and Diversity of UC Davis Health 

7:59 – Sacramento: City of Trees, Health, and Diversity 

11:47 – Diversity, Inclusion, and Advocacy in UC Davis Residency 

15:49 – Dr. Susan Guralnick, Diversity, Inclusion, and Advocacy in UC Davis Residency 

22:11 – Dr. Erik Fernandez y Garcia, Language and Socioeconomic Disparities in Health System 

26:38 – Health Inequality and Diversity in Patients and Workforce 

33:39 – Equity, Diversity, Inclusion in UC Davis Medicine 

45:30 – Dr. Maggie Rea, Mental Health Resources for UC Davis Residents  

47:51 – Wellness, Diversity, and Professional Development 

52:43 – Dr. Cloe Le Gall–Scoville, Coaching: Goal Setting, Skill Building, Accountability 

56:50 – Dr. Ruth Shim, Health Equity Journey: Dr. Ruth Shim's Discussion  

58:23 – Health Equity Discussion: Ruth's Residency Experiences 

1:02:50 – Social Justice in Medical Education Debate 

1:10:01 – Intersectionality and Healthcare Discrimination  

1:15:17 – Equity, Justice, and Cultural Humility in Healthcare  

1:20: 17 – Dr. Jorge Garcia, Diversity, Inclusion, and Gardening in Health Sciences 

1:24:13 – Emotions and Inspiration in Justice and Health Equality 

1:29:13 – From Barren to Blooming: Cultivating Diversity & Health Equity 

1:30:26 – Diversity, Inclusion, and Health Equity Job Opportunities