1. UC Davis Medical students are also able to access medical care through Student Health Services Student Health on the UC Davis campus which is staffed by clinical providers who are not involved in medical student education. 

  2. UC Davis Medical students are also able to access medical care through their student health insurance, Western Health Advantage (WHA). The medical school has worked with the UC Davis Primary Care Network to identify the Rancho Cordova clinic as a location that is not a site for medical student clinical rotations. Thus, students can be assured that they are utilizing providers that have no role in their clinical educational experience.

  3.  Medical students can choose to access care at other locations at UC Davis Health. Please note that guidelines are in place to ensure that faculty and resident medical staff who are clinical preceptors are instructed that they must decline any roles in the evaluation of student academic performance if they hold any conflict of interest with a medical student including the provision of medical care.