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Chair's Welcome Message

Anthony Jerant, M.D., Professor and Chair
Anthony Jerant, M.D.,
Professor and Chair

On behalf of my colleagues, welcome to UC Davis Family and Community Medicine! 

We are a vibrant, collaborative, diverse, inclusive, innovative, and continuously improving department.

  • Our vision is broad and aspirational: a healthier and more equitable world.
  • Our purpose is to advance the field of family medicine through innovative education, person-centered care, research, community engagement, and advocacy, to improve population health and equity.

Working together, we undertake myriad exciting and important activities at locations throughout our community, encompassing the full breadth and reach of family medicine in pursuing our vision and purpose.

In each of our four pillars of activity – clinical care delivery; education; research and scholarly work; and advocacy and community engagement - there are many hallmarks that distinguish us. I encourage you to spend some time here, learning more about each facet of our work.

We strive for excellence in everything we do and, by cultivating a growth mindset and emphasizing life-long learning we acknowledge excellence not solely in outcomes but also as a process: a way of being. Among other benefits, embracing excellence as a way of being underscores the importance of two cross-cutting themes that inform all our work: safeguarding the wellness of team members, and espousing and supporting anti-racist mindsets and approaches.  

As you explore, I think you will recognize that the most defining feature and greatest asset of the DFCM is truly remarkable people - faculty, residents, and staff. I am filled with pride in leading them, and inspired in doing so, learning and gaining more than I could ever hope to give back. I invite you to take some time to get to know our people, be positively transformed by them, and maybe even consider joining our Departmental family.

Warmly and sincerely,

Anthony Jerant, M.D.
Professor and Chair